Various people were handing out leaflets and pamphlets during the rally before the now infamous march in Seattle on May 1. Two items were gladly given to me by their distributors, one a “newspaper” from the International Communist Workers Party (ICWP), and another by a local revolutionary activist. Below are snapshots I took using my phone, highlighting some of the more interesting passages I discovered. Have fun.

Red Flag, a communist workers newsletter, distributed at the rally

Bilingual even!

Yeahhh… Don’t think it can get much clearer than that.

…and the janitors shall lead them?

Still harping on mobilizing the workers… didn’t you guys try this about a century ago and fail miserably?

A happy exclamation point over WWIII

It is the duty of all Red Flag youth…

never forget, they understand the power of the classroom

this tidbit supposedly written by the Red Flag Youth

(pt 1/3) religious dogma must go!

(pt 2/3) screed continues

(3/3) yep… still the same equation, same as it ever was

this one also supposedly by the Red Flag Youth, asking “Where are the guns?”

to each according to his need…

Now we’ll transition to our Revolutionary Activist from Seattle…

The Future of Occupy?

get the bourgeoisie!

Well, I have to agree with him on this one. Dominic Holden is a jackass.

righteous anger will carry us to victory, comrades!

in which our revolutionary friend discovers people don’t want to talk to him about his ideas

replace one set of elitist masters for the other!

transparency! well, most of the time.

cool graphics that will lead to the transformation of humanity!

Bellum letale.