Before we continue, I have to ask you to take a gander at this blog post from my friend on Twitter, SooperMexican. I’ll give you a few minutes to read through it all.


*Waits some more*

Ok. Now that you’ve had time to digest that particular bit of citizen journalism (and please, don’t doubt Sooper’s intelligence. He’s one of the brightest people I’ve met on Twitter), I want to share this with you :
















Another case to be made that Victoria Navel is, in fact, Alec Baldwin, comes in the tiny little details of what kind of device the tweets are sent from, and what Twitter client is being used. To wit:








And from Victoria Navel :






Now, it’s true that a lot of people have iPhones. And a lot of people use the Twitter for iPhone client. Still, though, one has to wonder. Two profiles using the same device and same client, most likely ran by the same person. Along with this, many of the attacks against Sooper on the Navel profile are Baldwin claiming Sooper is some disgruntled Hollywood type out to get him.

We both replied that we would take cash settlements. I did not receive a reply. Sooper, however did, with the Navel profile going back into attack mode.

Stay tuned.