The Battle for 4Chan has been lost…according to 4Chan

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The fallout from GamerGate continues to ripple outward, this time catching the once seemingly invincible 4chan. No matter the content, the wildly politically incorrect threads or…well any other madness that sprang up from the board, no one had successfully fought off 4chan yet.

Until some of the principles from GamerGate, namely Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian, are believed to have been exerting influence on Christopher “Moot” Pool. According to a number of 4Chan users, within the last week, a considerable swath of long-time mods were let go and new mods were installed, at which time users on both /v/ and /pol/ started noticing a lot of bans and deleted threads. One Twitter user made a connection between one of the new mods and Quinn:


The connection to Sarkeesian comes from screengrabs as well.

Within the last day, several Facebook pages concerned with the story posted updates from what was happening on 4Chan:


The birthplace of Anonymous, of Internet memes, of Internet horror and hilarity… is officially dead, according to those who loved it the most, it’s users. In typical 4chan style, the memes have already begun:




It’s interesting to watch the institutional left insert it’s tentacles into places that have been free of their touch, especially one as anarchic and non-pc as 4Chan. One 4Chan user ruefully posted on the demise of one of the Internet’s most controversial but beloved spaces:


Adrift in the Unemployment Seas

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Welp, after three years in a job I mostly enjoyed immensely, I’ve been let go. So, if you’re looking for a writer/reporter with experience ranging from high school sports to politics to covering local government to social media management… I am definitely your man!

Here’s to hoping this is just a short interruption.


The Fappening vs Rotherham: The Cathedral’s Class Bias

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(h/t to commenter Frito Bandito for the idea for this post) 

In the last two weeks, two stories have consumed much of the Internet media’s minds: The leaking of a number of famous celebrity females nudes from the Cloud, since dubbed The Fappening by Reddit users, and the Rotherham abuse/rape scandal in the UK. 

As many who pay attention to these things have noticed, there was a strange disparity in responses from the Cathedral to these two stories. It took a solid few days before Rotherham appeared on the radar for the Cathedral, while it’s reaction to The Fappening was nearly instant and overwhelming. 

Why is this? Rotherham is surely much more aligned with the perceived injustices that the institutional left rails against, specifically exploitation of children, and in this instance, horrible sexual exploitation of children, much more so than Jennifer Lawrence’s nudes getting hacked and passed around the Internet. 

Blogger Bodycrimes wrote an excellent post in which she argues that the “political correctness” narrative regarding Rotherham seems a bit…weak. Instead, she points out that: 

Or was this particular crime downplayed and ignored because the rape and torture of girls – often underclass, often problematic girls – was dismissed as bad behaviour in which the girls were complicit? 

As Professor Jay’s scathing report makes clear, the girls were not only not taken seriously, they were treated with “contempt” (her word).

A report from The Times puts it better than I can:

– The police force at the centre of the Rotherham abuse scandal is still failing to record crimes against children and has an “unacceptable” culture of disregarding victims of serious crime, a report said yesterday.

 — South Yorkshire police was criticised for spending a “great deal of time” trying to “disprove” the word of victims rather than investigating offences.

 —  According to Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary, the force’s public protection unit, which investigates domestic abuse and sexual violence, showed a “disregard” for victims.

 — Its audit found numerous failings in the way that the force, along with others across Britain, recorded crime.

 — Analysis of a sample of crime reports between November 2012 and October last year showed that the force had failed to record rape allegations on more than one in five occasions.

 — South Yorkshire police, which presided over a child abuse scandal in which 1,400 girls were targeted, also failed to record crime referred to it by other agencies on almost 50 per cent of occasions.


In short, Bodycrimes argues that Rotherham continued for as long as it did because the girls being exploited were seen as problematic and unreliable witnesses. This unfortunate dynamic applies to the the Cathedral’s reaction to both stories as well, I’d argue.

The Fappening fits the Cathedral’s Brahmin allegiances and preferred narratives, while Rotherham fails to meet those metrics. It’s “Misogynistic Internet users joyfully masturbating to the so-called sexual exploitation of Lawrence et al’s nudes being made public” VS “underclass British children being systematically raped and terrorized by immigrant Pakistani Muslim members of their beautifully diverse, multicultural society.”

Jennifer Lawrence is certainly a member of The Cathedral, a powerful symbol of contemporary empowerment of women. The girls in Rotherham? Low-class Brits who aren’t terribly useful for any of the Cathedral’s preferred narratives mentioned above.

In the end, both of these situations are seemingly reflective of the systemic panic the Cathedral is experiencing and will continue to experience. The feminist left is eating itself over The Fappening, with WaPo angrily asking why there was so much concern over Lawrence et al’s nudes being leaked, but very little uproar over black singer Jill Scott’s nudes being leaked. And then, there are also many who noticed the disparate response by certain Cathedral aligned media entities when it comes to nudes and/or sextapes being leaked: 



Ah, the divided loyalties and class biases of the Cathedral. Truly a marvel to behold sometimes. 


The Fappening: Modernity’s Absolute Absurdism

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The leaking of nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and others, collectively titled “The Fappening” by Reddit users, is perhaps one of the clearest expressions of modernity’s absolute absurdism. While ISIS added another scalp to it’s collection this week, and more details of the UK’s Rotherham rape scandal continue be uncovered, the institutional left seized on The Fappening as more evidence of the perceived #WarOnWomen here in the United States. 

WaPo, with as serious face as possible, tells us that The Fappening moves beyond the sphere of a cyber crime to an actual sex crime. The blog “The Belle Jar” confirms this belief, boldly declaring the photo leaks were sexual assault, while Chris Hardwick, the Nerdist and host of Comedy Central’s @Midnight also characterized it as a sex crime in a recent episode.  With their hypersensitivity to “rape culture” one wonders how they seem unable to connect the dots between claiming The Fappening is sexual assault, and the absolute devaluing of the actual horrible crime of sexual assault. But then again, it’s the Left, so this kind of disconnect is to be expected. 

The funny part about all of this is, especially in the case of Ms Lawrence, is the hyper-sexualized persona she’s presented publicly in the past. As we all know, sexual promiscuity and deviancy is a sign of a TROO liberated feminist these days, and Ms Lawrence wanted to make sure people knew she was in on it when she revealed she had a “copious amount of butt plugs discovered by a hotel maid,” to Conan O’Brien on air. 

So, someone who happily talks about her large collection of anal sex toys is, as already noted, being literally RAPED by the fact that her hyper-sexualized behavior has been revealed to the world at large.

This is where modernity has brought us, friends. Where the actual sexual victimization of 1,400 children, mostly girls, is ignored by those who claim to want to fight that kind of thing the world over. Instead, an actress who has happily, and publicly, established that she’s a sexual freak is being victimized and sexually assaulted and is the far more egregious issue at hand, according to those same SJW feminists. 

As always, the only proper response to all of this seems to be LOL. 

Surely That Can’t Be Right: DC “Hate Crime” Report Finds Narrative Busting Pattern

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As Ferguson, MO continues on a slow-boil in the wake of the shooting of alleged “gentle giant” Mike Brown, the Washington Times is reporting that the majority of “hate crimes” in Washington D.C. in 2013 consisted of black on white violence.

According to the Times:

D.C. police say that of the 18 race-based hate crimes in 2013, the majority of victims were white and the majority of suspects were black. The number of incidents was up from the 13 race-based bias crimes reported in 2012.

That simple fact is a narrative busting statistic for today’s governing and cultural elites. As we all know, the only way that racial hatred flows is from white people to all people of color. This narrative is so thoroughly entrenched that rapper Talib Kweli, who is estimated to have a net worth of $4 million, can say, with a serious face, to CNN anchor Don Lemon that “we live in a world that’s run by white supremacy.” (All while live in Ferguson, no less.)

The Times report notes that analysts of those D.C. statistics are trying their damndest to explain away the fact that the most reported hate crime in the city is black on white violence:

The low level of reported race-based hate crimes, including the small number in which minorities were victims, could be a sign that minority victims are reluctant to report crimes, said David C. Friedman, director of the D.C. regional office of the Anti-Defamation League.

“In many African-American communities and other parts of the country, no matter what the demographics of the police department are, there are levels of concern,” with coming forward, Mr. Friedman said.

Because, as Ferguson shows us, and as the Zimmerman/Martin case showed us, one has no chance of finding an audience when one can spin out the “racist White America hates all Black people” narrative.

As the Times report also notes, that at least for blacks, minority status no longer really applies in D.C., with that group making up 50 percent of the city’s population, followed by whites at 35 percent, and hispanics at 10 percent. Even with that in mind, the venerable Mr. Friedman insists that there *must* be more hate crimes happening, with the implication that it’s probably white people doing the hating and committing the crimes:

General mistrust of police among minority communities or language barriers among foreign-born populations could be reasons that victims don’t report, Mr. Friedman said.

“In the case of the District, there are very few hate crimes reported against Latinos and Asian-Americans,” he said. “But it would be wrong to conclude that there are none occurring.”

This, then, is an excellent example of elite “unreality”. In a 50 percent black city, the fact that blacks are committing the most racially biased crimes is likely incorrect, because that just can’t be the truth regarding one of the elites favored underclass groups. Blacks are the oppressed, not the oppressors!

Thankfully, the Information Age is slowly but surely eroding the ability of the elites to impose their unreality on the rest of us. As we saw in Sanford, FL two years ago, and as we’re seeing in Ferguson, MO now, the elite’s unreality regarding the plight of blacks, specifically young black men, has suffered a heavy dose of *actual* reality. The unfortunate part of this dynamic is that both the elites and their favored vaisyas don’t react well when reality finally does intrude upon their carefully crafted unreality.

All I can say to that, for the most part, is, LOL.


Anarcho-Tyranny in the UK

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A scandal of epic proportions was uncovered in the UK this week, in a city called Rotherham. For those unfamiliar with the story, it’s basically one in which people in positions of authority routinely looked the other way over the course of a decade of the systemic abuse of mostly white British children by Pakistani Muslim immigrants. The reason for looking the other way? Fear of being called a racist. 

This episode is illustrative of the anarcho-tyranny fostered by the current system of power in Western countries. Anarcho-tyranny, for those unfamiliar with the term, describes situations in which massive breaches of the law (and/or common sense) are ignored, while mostly harmless infractions are met with the absolute maximum of state power. 

In Rotherham, obviously the anarcho part is the fact that a specific community was able to continuously take children and abuse them for years. The tyranny part comes in when investigations into this situation found that two fathers who had successfully tracked their children to these dens of sexual depravity ended up being arrested when they showed up and demanded their children back. 

Another element of the tyranny came in the form of the same group of people in power, who were, again, letting this systemic abuse occur under their watch, deciding that a couple who supports Britain’s UKIP (think along the lines of a British Tea Party, in some respects) party were unfit foster parents, and removing the children from the home. 

Here in the US, we’re experiencing our own forms of anarcho-tyranny. Just think of the fact that illegal immigrants in California are now allowed to obtain a license to practice law, while children who take a piece of food and make into the shape of a gun are suspended/expelled immediately from school for such a heinous act. 

This is the end game of our current political paradigm. Destruction from without and from within, aided and abetted by those in power. And when serious problems arise, those in power don’t have the balls to do what’s right, for fear of having an inconvenient label attached to them. 

Good times. 

Culture Clash: The Arab World vs the West

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via the UK's Telegraph

via the UK’s Telegraph

ISIS’ beheading of American photojournalist James Foley has had the Western world in an uproar this week, with some parts of American society already calling for another incursion into Iraq to set them straight (this time will work, really), while the Brits find themselves in the unfortunate position of realizing that the man in the video of Foley’s beheading apparently speaks with a British accent

ISIS’s actions, along with the Western response, once again show the deep divide between these two cultures. In fact, the divide can probably be best summed up with comparing two popular proverbs produced by the two cultures in the last couple of centuries: 

I against my brothers; my brothers and I against my cousins; my brothers, my cousins and I against the world. — Pashtun Proverb


Liberty, equality, fraternity! — Slogan of the French Revolution 

In looking at those two slogans, a fundamental difference in world views is pretty easily seen.  The Pashtun proverb implies a world view in which the people who matter don’t extend much further than extended family. There are clear differentiations on who’s accepted and who isn’t, and, accordingly, it’s implied that equality is not an ideal being pursued. On the other hand, the French Revolution’s phraseology implies a world view that sees the whole world as part of the speakers in-group. Equality and fraternity imply an open arm and open-minded approach to the brotherhood of man, rather than the distinctly delineated groupings of the Pashtun proverb. 

ISIS beheading of Foley is, in many respects, taking that Pashtun world view and applying it to the real world. They are clearly stating that Westerners are not a wanted part of the Caliphate they are attempting to build, and that Western intervention in their continued pursuits is most definitely not welcome. The Western take on the situation is also certainly illustrative of the French Revolution slogan, with our bewildered and angry responses certainly representative of our “brotherhood of man” ideology of recent decades. 

Unfortunately, due to the pervasiveness in Western culture of “blank slate-ism”, in which we are one of the few cultures in the world that truly believes we’re all the same, we’re likely to either continue to be horribly upset by groups like ISIS and their actions. And even more unfortunate is the fact that the answer for many seems to be that another military incursion will finally fix our Arab brothers into accepting Western values and democracy. 

Good times. 


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